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  • Magnusson, Henrik
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Education.
    Läxor som tragedi eller romans: En jämförandestudie av relationen mellan elevers val av studieplats och uppfattningar av läxor.2018Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    According to the law (3 § Skollagen), the school offers a good study environment, but although the school succeeds, many students prefer to study at home. This study explore upper secondary school students' conceptions of homework as well as differences in conceptions between students in a vocational and study preparation program. In addition, it will study students' conceptions in relation to where they choose to do their school work. A phenomenological study will show which findings are available. The conceptions of the students will be divided into different groups (utfallsrum). The study will show that there is no greater variation in the conceptions between the different classes, but between the students who choose to work at home and see more benefits of homework, towards those who choose to work in school and are less positive to homework. In the discussion section, previous research will relate to the study result.

  • Public defence: 2018-12-14 09:00 hörsal 12, hus F, Stockholm
    Marklund, Ulrika
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Linguistics.
    Turn-taking and early phonology: Contingency in parent-child interaction and assessment of early speech production2018Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary (Other academic)
    Abstract [en]

    This thesis focuses on contingency in parent-child interaction, investigating it in the light of the linguistic capacity of the child and the status of the caregiver. Further, the thesis covers the development of two tools to assess the developmental maturity level of expressive phonology. A functional emergentist perspective on language acquisition is taken, which includes a phonetic perspective on phonological development. Both infant language development and factors that influence parent responsiveness are explored. 

    The thesis contains four studies. In the first study, durations of parents’ utterances and pauses in interaction with their 18-month-old infants were related to the infant’s vocabulary size. Recordings of interactions of fifteen children and their parents were made at home in daily life situations. The children were divided into three groups according to their vocabulary size: large, typical or small. The main finding is that parents in the large vocabulary size group responded faster to their children compared to the parents in the typical size vocabulary group, who in turn responded faster than the parents in the small vocabulary size group. 

    In study two, duration in vocal turn-taking between 6-month old infants and their caregivers was investigated, in terms of the status of the caregiver and the sex of the infant. Caregivers’ pauses were measured in 10-minute caregiver-infant interactions recorded at home. It was found that primary caregivers responded faster to their infants compared to secondary caregivers, and that in turn, infants responded faster to the primary caregiver than to the secondary caregiver. 

    Study three introduces the Word Complexity Measure for Swedish (WCM-SE), a tool for calculating phonological complexity in words or utterances. Calculations are based on ten parameters describing speech structures that are considered phonetically complex to produce. In the development of  the WCM-SE, both language-specific and language-general descriptions of speech development were considered, as well as universal acoustic and aerodynamic principles. 

    Study four documents the selection of Swedish words for the word lists in the test Profiles of Early Expressive Phonological Skills for Swedish (PEEPS-SE). The selection was based on criteria of age of acquisition and word complexity, as measured by the WCM-SE. 

    The findings presented in this thesis contribute to our knowledge of early interaction and parents’ potential impact on the child’s early language and communication development. Further, the tools developed for the assessment of Swedish are valuable contributions both to the research field of early phonology and to clinical work in Sweden. 

  • Public defence: 2018-12-14 13:00 William-Olssonsalen, Geovetenskapens hus, Stockholm
    Koliev, Faradj
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Political Science.
    Naming and Shaming: The politics and effectiveness of social pressure in the ILO2018Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary (Other academic)
    Abstract [en]

    In the current international system, the use of centralized, hard enforcement mechanisms is often deemed either politically impossible or too costly. As a consequence, many international organizations (IOs) rely on so-called naming and shaming strategies as tools of political influence. Naming and shaming is the public exposure and condemnation of states that violate international rules and norms. It is not designed to simply renegade violators, but to produce compliance through reputational and status concerns. But how does naming and shaming work and what impact does it have on state behavior? In this dissertation, I adopt a comprehensive approach to the study of naming and shaming by examining its underlying politics and determinants as well as its impact on state behavior. In search for answers, I focus on the naming and shaming strategies employed in the International Labour Organization (ILO) during the period 1989-2011. Drawing on the theories of international politics, I develop a set of hypotheses that are tested by means of statistical as well as process tracing techniques. The overall conclusions of the dissertation are fourfold. First, the results indicate that ILO naming and shaming is used to punish violators of international labor standards. This implies that IOs, under the right conditions, can thwart the politicization of naming and shaming that has been observed in other IOs. Second, I find support for my argument that the decision to engage in naming and shaming primarily is determined by the democratic character of states. This enhances our understanding of when states participate in pressuring targets and the patterns of inter-state shaming. Third, the dissertation finds that ILO naming and shaming can improve international labor standards. The impact of ILO naming and shaming is stronger when target states are democratic and resourceful. This implies that IOs can overcome international collective problems without hard enforcement mechanisms and that IO naming and shaming, under certain propitious conditions, can produce compliance. Fourth, while democracies are more likely to respond to international criticism, not all democracies do. This dissertation demonstrates that ILO naming and shaming is a powerful tool among democracies that have strong and united labor unions. This implies that IO naming and shaming of democratic states is likely to work through domestic pressure mechanisms.

  • Public defence: 2018-12-14 13:00 De Geersalen, Geovetenskapens hus, Stockholm
    Lorentzon, Ylva
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Child and Youth Studies.
    Öppna världar, slutna rum: Om status och barnkulturpolitik i scenkonstens vardagspraktik2018Doctoral thesis, monograph (Other academic)
    Abstract [en]

    This doctoral thesis is about child culture and status, power and social relations in everyday practice. The aim is to explore the everyday practice within the production of performing arts and problematize what is at stake in the practice with regard to child culture as an artistic field. The research focuses on how the everyday practice is organized, how status-power influences the practice, and lastly, the potential relevance that the everyday practice within the production of performing arts has for understanding child culture as an artistic field. 

    The thesis ethnographically explores the everyday practice of a theater. The fieldwork was performed in a section that produces performing arts for children and young people. The practice is analyzed and interpreted through the practice theory of Theodore Schatzki, Stephen Kemmis et al.’s methodological concept of practice architecture and Theodore Kemper’s theory on status-power. Other important concepts are child culture, culture and childhood. 

    The analysis shows the everyday practice as organized around an artistic objective that is simultaneously artistically and pedagogically oriented. This split orientation of the objective sets the section apart from the other artistic sections within the theater. The artistic objective generates important status for a production aimed at children and young people. However, compared to other sections within the institution, this section has differing material and economical prerequisites, which complicates, and sometimes obstructs, the process of asserting artistic status within the theater. The weaker material and economical arrangements underlines the importance of positive social relatings (Kemmis’ term), social status and the maneuvering of power-relations within the theater, in order to ensure artistic, technical and material resources. 

    The practice appears organized in a practice tradition that displays a firm artistic hierarchy, and this illuminates how what is understood as artistic rather than pedagogical or technical in nature always carries a higher status within the practice. This is significant in the work of the section, since large parts of their production are presented as pedagogical rather than artistic projects, and therefore generate lower artistic status. Yet, the analysis also shows a third kind of policy related status being generated by the production of the section. The section and its production is a central part of legitimizing the production of the theater regarding cultural policy, state bureaucracy and funding. Its production therefore upholds a kind of policy related status within the institution. 

    The analysis reveals three kinds of status in the practice, one social, one artistic and one related to cultural policy. The weaker power position and lower artistic status of child culture creates dependence of visibility within the theater. It also shows child culture and pedagogy as deeply intertwined phenomena, with pedagogy both diluting and obscuring the production of artistic status while simultaneously generating possibilities for the policy related kind of status within the institution. Thus while pedagogy can generate low artistic status, the analysis shows it can also be understood as creating a radical artistic potential within child culture as an artistic field.

  • Knuuttila, Jussi
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Science, Department of Physical Geography.
    Exploring the potential of cultural ecosystem services in social impact assessment of Finnish mining projects: Assessment of local cultural values in the municipality of Kolari in Finnish Lapland2018Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (Two Years)), 20 credits / 30 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Large-scale mining modifies the existing physical environment and has multiple long-term impacts on landscape but also on communities, and their cultural values. In Finland, social impact assessment has become a customary practice in assessing and estimating mining impacts that cause changes to the well-being of individual people and their livelihoods. However, the assessment is often lacking notions of social dimensions of the environment, neglecting discussing aspects such as localities and subjective well-being. Recent studies have highlighted the importance of considering the cultural benefits of the environment to human well-being in environmental decision-making. The purpose of this study is to explore and illustrate how cultural ecosystem services could contribute to the current practice in social impact assessments in Finnish mining projects by highlighting the relation between local people and environment through the valuation of cultural services. The study used a conceptual framework approach of cultural ecosystem services and conducted eight qualitative semi-structured interviews in two villages in Finnish Fell Lapland. The aim was to explore how the local people themselves describe their non-material benefits from the environment. Six out of the eight interviews were conducted walking with the participants. The interviews were recorded and later transcribed for analysis against the conceptual cultural ecosystem services framework. The results show how the well-being of local people was strongly linked to cultural benefits such as sense of place, enabled by meaningful activities in places that were often happening in mundane everyday places. The study implies the importance of considering cultural ecosystem services such as sense of place in the current social impact assessment practice as they help unveiling connections between people, the natural environment and subjective well-being.

  • Garord, Lucian Madalin
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Human Geography.
    Opportunities for Change: The impact of putting marginalized user groups first in urban redesign2018Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (Two Years)), 20 credits / 30 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    This thesis aims at discovering how the city of Oslo can use an opportunity in rebuilding its city centre and begin to include the voices and opinions of marginalised communities that were otherwise previously ignored in planning processes. The theory and approach utilised throughout this thesis is feminist urban planning and gender mainstreaming because the two call for the equality and intersectionality so to appropriately rebuild cities with the needs of many in mind. As such, my hypotheses are that the car free centre will not improve the quality of life for marginalised user groups and the lack of gender mainstreaming policy has negatively impacted the five pilot project areas. Three methodologies have been employed: observations of the five pilot projects, interviews or questionnaires to stakeholders, and secondary analysis of literature. The results from the observations were varied, with some examples of gender mainstreaming practices implemented while others fell short and safety of users was questioned. Some practitioners had knowledge on feminist urban planning theory, whilst others had vague ideas of what it meant and how it was implementable in practice. To conclude, implementing gender mainstreaming policies would have gravely assisted the five pilot projects.

  • Public defence: 2018-12-13 10:00 sal 14, hus 5, Kräftriket, Stockholm
    Stocks, Theresa
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics.
    Stochastic dynamic modelling and statistical analysis of infectious disease spread and cancer treatment2018Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary (Other academic)
    Abstract [en]

    Mathematical models have proven valuable for public health decision makers as they can provide insights into the understanding, control and, ultimately, the prevention of diseases. This thesis contains four manuscripts dealing with stochastic dynamic modelling and statistical analysis of infectious disease spread and optimization of cancer treatment.

    Paper I is concerned with deriving a patient- and organ-specific measure for the estimated negative side effects of radiotherapy using a stochastic logistic birth-death process. Our analysis shows that the region of a maximum tolerable radiation dose can be related to the solution of a logistic differential equation; we illustrate our results for brachytherapy for prostate cancer.

    Paper II and III deal with inference for stochastic epidemic models. Parameter estimation for this model class can be challenging as disease spread is usually only partially observed, e.g. in the form of accumulated reported incidences within specified time periods. To perform inference for these types of models, a useful method for maximum likelihood estimation is iterated filtering which takes advantage of the fact that it is relatively easy to generate samples from the underlying transmission process while the likelihood function for the given data is intractable.

    Paper II is an application-oriented introduction to iterated filtering via the R package pomp (King et al., 2016) which contains a wide collection of simulation-based inference methods for partially observed Markov processes. We review the theoretical background of the method and discuss by two examples its performance and some associated practical difficulties.

    Paper III is concerned with model selection for partially observed epidemic models that differ with respect to the amount of variability they allow for and parameter estimation of those models from routinely collected surveillance data. We illustrate the model selection and inference framework via the R package pomp for rotavirus transmission in Germany, however, the method can be easily adapted to other diseases.

    In Paper IV we develop a transmission model for hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection among people who inject drugs (PWIDs) to enable countries to monitor their progress towards HCV elimination. In the scope of the WHO’s commitment to viral hepatitis elimination, this topic is highly relevant to public health since injection drug use is the main route of transmission in many countries. From the model and using surveillance data, we derive estimates of four key HCV-indicators. Furthermore, the model can be used to investigate the impact of two interventions, direct-acting antiviral drug treatment and needle exchange programs, on the disease dynamics. In order to make the model and its output accessible to relevant users, it is made available through a Shiny app.

  • Public defence: 2018-12-13 10:00 Magnélisalen, Kemiska övningslaboratoriet, Stockholm
    Rydström Lundin, Camilla
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Science, Department of Biochemistry and Biophysics.
    Modulators of Saccharomyces cerevisiae cytochrome c oxidase: Implications for the regulation of mitochondrial respiration2018Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary (Other academic)
    Abstract [en]

    Oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria is performed by enzyme complexes and electron carriers that reside in the inner membrane. It is now generally accepted that these respiratory enzyme complexes assemble into larger so-called supercomplexes. However, it is presently not known why, under which conditions or how these supercomplexes form.

    A number of factors of particular importance for the formation of supercomplexes have been identified, such as the Respiratory supercomplex factors (Rcf1 and Rcf2) and cardiolipin. The work presented in this thesis is focused on the characterization of cytochrome c oxidase (CytcO) in mitochondria from Saccharomyces cerevisiae strains in which these components have been removed, with a particular focus on Rcf1. First, we concluded that Rcf1 has an impact on the activity and ligand binding kinetics of CytcO, which upon genetic deletion of rcf1 leads to formation of sub-populations of CytcO with different functionality. Second, we noted that the ability of CytcO to oxidize cytochrome c (cyt. c) depends on the presence of Rcf1. Further, we observed that while CytcO in wild-type mitochondria displayed differences in the oxidation kinetics of cyt. c from horse heart or S. cerevisiae, with the Δrcf1 mitochondria these differences were lost. This observation suggested that Rcf1 interacts with cyt. c. Furthermore, the data showed that in CytcO from Δrcf1 mitochondria heme a3 was altered while heme a was intact.

    Using proteo-liposomes of different lipid composition and size we also investigated the influence of lipid head groups on the coupled activity of a quinol oxidase and ATP-synthase. Specifically, we addressed the question if protons are transferred between proton “producers” and “consumers” via lateral proton transfer along the membrane surface or via bulk water. Our data supported the principle of lateral proton transfer.

    Lastly, we characterized the ligand binding of yeast flavohemoglobin and concluded that the flavohemoglobin has a population that resides in the intermembrane space of mitochondria, not only in matrix and cytosol as previously suggested.

  • Rempatsiou, Tania
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Education.
    Towards sustainable development: A comparative case study of ESD for TVET policies and practices between Cuba and Sweden2017Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (Two Years)), 20 credits / 30 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    The development methods mostly applied until today provoked severe environmental imbalances in the world. To deal with this, almost twenty-five years ago the environmental issues were introduced in the agenda of discussions in the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED) that took place in Rio de Janeiro in 1992, intending to introduce a more sustainable approach of development (Desai and Potter, 2002, p 478). The current study explores how sustainability is transferred, interpreted and integrated into national education, through the comparison of experiences between Cuba and Sweden. Based on a qualitative research approach, the study first presents and analyses the international discourse on the topic, as well as the conceptual and theoretical framework that has been formed mainly from the narrative of UNESCO and UNEVOC. Afterwards, national education curricula are being examined to understand ow the sustainability concept is addressed in TVET, while an empirical analysis presents how the university teachers and the students of two Agroecology programs perceive and interpret sustainability. To achieve this, the methods of document analysis and semi-structured interviews have been employed. The findings of the study indicate that the international discourse has detected the main goals of sustainability for TVET, the conditions that lead to this necessity and the importance of this part of education, since it is the only one that is directly connected to labour. However, the interpretation is different in each case, since it is affected by the socio-political, economical and historical context of each country. In Cuba, sustainability is the means of autochthonous development, efficient use of the natural resources with respect to the environment, in order to deal with the economic crisis and food insecurity of the Special Period. In Sweden, sustainability emerged as a need of alternative ways of producing energy and consuming, as environmental awareness raised against the exploitation of the natural environment. Using the two contrary cases, the study intends to explore the dimensions that the concept can have. The World Commission on Environment and Development’s report in 1987 (p.41) first defined sustainable development as “the development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. To conclude, this study intends to contribute to a better understanding of what sustainable development means. The experiences of university teachers and students present sustainability, as understood in the set of agroecology in higher vocational institute. This study is a small contribution in the total work towards sustainability. It could be the beginning of exploring in the future how sustainability is interpreted and integrated in other countries of the world.

  • Lundström, Petra
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Slavic and Baltic Studies, Finnish, Dutch, and German, German.
    „In die Ferne sehe ich ausgezeichnet“: Eine Motivstudie zu Augen in Marlen Haushofers Roman Die Wand.2018Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [de]

    In Haushofers Roman Die Wand werden die Augen auffällig betont und der Sehvorgang ausführlich geschildert. Diese Arbeit beschäftigt sich mit den Fragen: Wie und wo wird das Augenmotiv im Roman betont? Welche Funktionen haben die vielen Schilderungen von Augen und Schauen? Und welche Themen können dadurch behandelt werden? Dies wird durch ausgewählte Szenen und Textabschnitte diskutiert. Meine kurze Präsentation von dem Motiv Augen und Schauen in der Literaturgeschichte dient in diesem Aufsatz als ein theoretischer Grund.

  • Renting, Miriam
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Slavic and Baltic Studies, Finnish, Dutch, and German, Dutch.
    Het vertalen van spreektaal: Een vergelijking tussen de Zweedse vertalingen van spreektaal in twee kinderboeken van Guus Kuijer: Krassen in het tafelblad en Ik ben Polleke hoor!2018Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    This thesis examines how spoken language in the Dutch children's books Krassen in het tafelblad and Ik ben Polleke hoor! has been translated into Swedish. The analysis is done according to the descriptive translation studies’ theory of translation norms, and spoken language expressions are analyzed by using Lindqvist's (2005) classification of spoken language markers on three levels: the phonological/ morphological level, the lexical level and the syntactic level. The survey shows the translation strategies used by the translators and the norms that may have had an impact during the translation process. The result shows that the spoken language in Krassen in het tafelblad is more freely translated than the spoken language in the translation of Ik ben Polleke hoor!. Both translations show an ambition to fit within their target culture, but Krassen in het tafelblad lies closer to an acceptance-oriented translation than Ik ben Polleke hoor!, that adheres more to the source text and can be seen as a more adequate-oriented translation.

  • Naber, Anna
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Slavic and Baltic Studies, Finnish, Dutch, and German.
    „Den anderen geht es noch schlechter“: Eine Studie des Tabubruchs Trauma zu Wolfgang Borcherts Das Holz für morgen und Heinrich Bölls und sagte kein einziges Wort2018Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [de]

    Auch über 70 Jahre nach Kriegsende ist der zweite Weltkrieg ein aktuelles Thema in Deutschland. In den letzten Jahren wird dieser als ein auslösender Faktor für die psychischen Probleme von Generationen der deutschen Bevölkerung betrachtet. Dieser Aufsatz soll versuchen, eine Verbindung zwischen der seit den 80er Jahren mehr und mehr verbreiteten Anerkennung des Traumas als Krankheitsbild und der Nachkriegsliteratur herzustellen. Zwei Nachkriegswerke werden in dieser Arbeit als zeitgenössische Beispiele der Ansprache des tabubelegten Themas angesehen. Um die Anfänge der generationsüberschreitenden Traumata der deutschen Bevölkerung näher zu beleuchten werden Das Holz für morgen und und sagte kein einziges Wort in Bezug zur neueren Forschung gesetzt. Der Fokus wird hierbei auf Traumata und posttraumatischen Stress, sowie deren Symptome und Krankheitsbilder gelegt. Damit eine möglicherweise durchscheinende Spätfolgenreaktion der nachfolgenden Generationen in der Kurzgeschichte und dem Roman erkannt werden könnte, werden drei Punkte zur Traumabewältigung mit Textbeispielen kontrastiert. Der Aufsatz soll ebenfalls diskutieren, dass Strategien, wie das Auslassen der Schuldfrage, das Vergessen-Wollen oder die Flucht in die Betriebsamkeit zum einen zur kurzweiligen psychischen Stabilisierung der Kriegsüberlebenden und zum anderen zu psychischen Problemen der Kriegskinder und –enkel haben führen können. Das allgegenwärtige Trauma wird in beiden Werken nicht als solches adressiert, jedoch wird durch stilistische Mittel, wie die Erzählperspektive, der Wechsel der Fokalisierung, Hyperbeln, Metaphern und eine Epiphanie, die psychische Belastung, die der Krieg mit sich geführt hat, anschaulich geschildert. Mit Hilfe der voranschreitenden Forschung auf dem Gebiet der PTSB und Traumata in den letzten 35 Jahren werden die in den Werken beschriebenen Symptome und Krankheitsbilder eindeutig als solche definierbar. 

  • Kobayashi, Saki
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Media Studies, Cinema Studies.
    “Pansarskeppet kvinnligheten” deconstructed: A study of Eva Dahlbeck’s stardom in the intersection between Swedish post-war popular film culture and the auteur Ingmar Bergman2018Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (Two Years)), 20 credits / 30 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Eva Dahlbeck was one of Sweden’s most respected and popular actresses from the 1940s to the 1960s and is now remembered for her work with Ingmar Bergman, who allegedly nicknamed her “Pansarskeppet kvinnligheten” (“H.M.S. Femininity”). However, Dahlbeck had already established herself as a star long before her collaborations with Bergman. The popularity of Bergman’s three comedies (Waiting Women (Kvinnors väntan, 1952), A Lesson in Love (En lektion i kärlek, 1954), and Smiles of a Summer Night (Sommarnattens leende, 1955)) suggests that they catered to the Swedish audience’s desire to see the star Dahlbeck. To explore the interrelation between Swedish post-war popular film culture and the auteur Bergman, this thesis examines the stardom of Dahlbeck, who can, as inter-texts between various films, bridge the gap between popular film and auteur film. Focusing on the decade from 1946 to 1956, the process whereby her star image was created, the aspects that constructed it, and its relation to her characters in three Bergman titles will be analysed. In doing so, this thesis will illustrate how the concept “Pansarskeppet kvinnligheten” was interactively constructed by Bergman’s films, the post-war Swedish film industry, and the media discourses which cultivated the star cult as a part of popular culture.

  • Aydin, Ali
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Media Studies, Cinema Studies.
    A "Sensuous" Approach to the Cinema of Nuri Bilge Ceylan: Principles of Embodied Film Experience2018Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (Two Years)), 20 credits / 30 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Over the last decades, film theories with their focus on the mere audiovisual quality of cinema have been questioned by film scholars with a phenomenological interest. According to these critical approaches, the film experience cannot be understood through a mere involvement of the eye (and the ear). In this context, to disregard the significance of a multisensory attachment to the film results in the consideration of relationship between the film and the viewer to be a dominating one. This dissertation examines this multisensory attachment and aims to define the film experience as an embodied relationship between the film and the viewer by means of a formal analysis of the Turkish director Nuri Bilge Ceylan’s early films. Throughout the dissertation, it is argued that Ceylan encourages his viewer in various forms to have a more sensual and immediate experience of his films rather than to compel them to adhere to symbols and abstractions through a kind of intellectual effort – an intellectual effort that would damage the “sensuous” attachment between the film and the viewer.

  • Larssson, Jesper
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Media Studies, Cinema Studies.
    ”Hela Sveriges Tutta Rolf”: An analysis of a star image in early 1930s Swedish cinema2018Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (Two Years)), 80 credits / 120 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Tutta Rolf’s career. Rolf was one of the greatest stars in 1930s Swedish cinema. She was also a popular stage actress, vaudeville performer and recording artist. Despite her prominence she has been largely neglected in scholarly work. This thesis aim to bring new knowledge about this underresearched star by conducting basic research. I situate her within the field of star studies by deploying Richard Dyer’s influential theory to abstract a method on how to look at the praxis of Tutta Rolf’s stardom. Thus, I deploy her films, newspapers, Filmjournalen and archival material to tell the story of her early career. My basic assumption, i.e. hypothesis is that there existed a Swedish star system in the 1930s. Earlier there has been a lack of research regarding a potential Swedish star system. Hence, this is an inductive study that will try to bring forward new knowledge about Tutta Rolf, Swedish stardom and its star system that may be used for future research.

  • Wallenrodhe, Nicole
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Media Studies, Cinema Studies.
    Addressing "non suitable" films in school: A Case study on Flickan, mamman och demonerna and the film pedagogic conditions2018Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (Two Years)), 20 credits / 30 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    The idea of what is suitable for children depends on the understandings and expectations of what childhood is and should contain. While "suitable" films have been praised for their obvious pedagogic function, "non-suitable" films (such as popular and violent films) have also managed to emerge into the film pedagogic context with varying arguments, e.g. that film education should reflect the reality of the youth or that children will see the films anyway and need guidance.  


    This thesis explores a contemporary Swedish example of a contested children's film that was produced for school cinema but classified as harmful for children under the age of fifteen by the Swedish Media Council. By situating the case in relation to film pedagogic history and aspects from  the use of violent films in the 1980's, the study shows how the film pedagogic discourse can be influenced by an anxiety concerning the "child's best".  The study enhances the significant role of "enthusiastic teachers" and  the importance of considering the current film pedagogic conditions.     

  • Larsson, Ronja
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Media Studies, Cinema Studies.
    Hip-Hop Don't Die, We Multiply: Repetitiva troper i tidig hip-hop-film: Enhet och kreativitet som budskap och utväg2018Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor), 20 credits / 30 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [sv]

    Denna studie behandlar tidig hip-hop-film från 80-talet och dess kreativa uttryck genom hip-hop- kulturens fyra grundelement, där en slutsats är att graffiti, breakdance, DJ-ing och rap är av yttersta vikt i bildspråket, och audiellt. Att elementen inleder filmerna visar vilken betydelse dessa har och vidare samverkar de på varierande vis, vilket förstärker den enhet som finns med i filmernas budskap. Enhet och kreativitet är centralt i filmerna och budskap om att möjligheter, framgång och framtid ligger i dem är tydliga. En annan slutsats är att elementen och diverse troper repeteras och sprids vilket stärker hip-hop och hip-hop-film som varumärke.

  • Gallego Escudero, Gicela
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Sociology.
    The workplace as an agent of diversity, inclusiveness, social integration, and social relations: A qualitative study in a multinational company2018Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (Two Years)), 20 credits / 30 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    This qualitative study aims to investigate how a multinational company works to promote workforce diversity and inclusiveness, how native and immigrant employees and managers experience social integration and social relations in the workplace, and how the managers work to contribute to social integration and social relations in the workplace. Interviews have been made with thirteen participants working in the same company. Among the participants there are natives and immigrants, and there are managers and employees. The theoretical framework is based on habitus, on capital, and on symbolic interactionism theory. The previous research is based on workforce diversity and inclusiveness, on social integration, and on social relations in workplaces. The findings indicate that the managers involve in different initiatives to promote diversity and inclusiveness inside and outside the company. Most participants have positive attitudes towards the position of the company in its work with diversity and inclusiveness. The findings also indicate that social integration and social relations in the workplace are of extreme importance for the employees and the managers. Most participants have good experiences of social integration in their workplace as they have feelings of inclusion, belonging, and community. Social relations in the workplace seem to be extremely significant for meaning, job satisfaction, well-being, and job performance. In addition, the findings indicate that the managers work with multiple initiatives to contribute to social integration and social relations in the workplace.

  • Public defence: 2018-12-12 13:00 De Geersalen, Geovetenskapens hus, Stockholm
    Yu, Yang
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Science, Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry (MMK).
    Understanding Composition–Structure–Bioactivity Correlations in Bioactive Glasses2018Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary (Other academic)
    Abstract [en]

    Bioactive glasses integrate with bone/tooth tissues by forming a layer of hydroxy-carbonate apatite (HCA), which mimics the composition of bone mineral. In the current thesis, we investigated composition–structure–bioactivity correlations of phosphosilicate and borophosphosilicate (BPS) glasses. Bioactive phosphosilicate glasses extend the compositional space of the ”45S5 Bioglass®”, which has been in clinical use for decades. Recently developed bioactive BPS glasses with SiO2→B2O3 substitutions transform more completely into HCA and their glass dissolution behaviors can be tuned by varying the relative contents of B and Si. 

    It is known that the average silicate network connectivity NSi and the phosphate content (x(P2O5)) affect the apatite formation (in vitro bioactivity) of phosphosilicate glasses, but the details remain poorly explored. Three series of phosphosilicate glasses were designed by independently varying NSi and x(P2O5). After immersion of the glasses in a simulated body fluid (SBF) for 24 hours, different degrees of their apatite formation were quantified by Fourier-transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. The results revealed that a high P content widened the NSi range that generated optimum amounts of apatite and also mitigated the detrimental effects associated with using glass particles with < 50 μm. The amounts of apatite derived from FTIR agreed with those from 31P magic angle spinning (MAS) nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) spectroscopy. The growth of apatite at bioactive glass surfaces was found to follow a sigmoidal growth model, in which the precursor phase, amorphous calcium phosphate (ACP), formed in the induction period and then crystallized into HCA in the following proliferation period, with an improvement in the structural ordering of HCA in the maturation period. This formation process closely resembles the apatite precipitated spontaneously from supersaturated Ca/P-containing solutions. The simultaneous growth of ACP and HCA is discussed in conjunction with a previously proposed mechanism for explaining in vitro bioactivity and apatite growth from bioactive glasses. 

    The short- and medium- range structures of bioactive borophosphosilicate (BPS) glasses were investigated by solid-state MAS NMR. Two series of BPS glasses were designed by gradually replacing SiO2 with B2O3 in the 45S5 glass, as well as another base glass featuring a more condensed glass network. As the B2O3 content is increased, the glass networks become more polymerized, together with decreased fractions of the dominating BO3 and orthophosphate units. Borate groups are homogeneously mixed with the isolated orthophosphate groups, while the remaining phosphate groups exhibit a slight preference for bonding to BO4 over SiO4 units. Linkages among borate groups are dominated by B[3]–O–B[4] linkages at the expenses of B[3]–O–B[3] and B[4]–O–B[4] linkages, with the latter B[4]–O–B[4] motifs disfavored yet abundant. A similar fashion of borate mixing was observed in P-free Na/Ca-based borosilicate glasses that span a large compositional space. The content of B[4]–O–B[4] linkages was found to be controlled by the relative fractions of BO4 groups and non-bridging oxygen ions.

  • Pedersen, Jan
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism, Institute for Interpreting and Translation Studies.
    From old tricks to Netflix: How local are interlingual subtitling norms for streamed television?2018In: Journal of Audiovisual Translation, ISSN 2617-9148, Vol. 1, no 1, p. 81-100Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    Like other translation norms, interlingual subtitling norms for television evolve over time, influenced by technology, mediascape development and other trends. Originating in cinema subtitling norms, TV subtitling norms began to develop at national public service broadcasters. Later, norms became international with the rise of the DVD and the proliferation of commercial TV in Europe. These days, the most influential force driving subtitling norms is arguably the global video on demand (VOD) providers. This paper investigates the subtitling guidelines of VOD giant Netflix, in search of the question: How local are interlingual subtitling norms for streamed television? The results show that there is little variation in the initial guidelines, but that they are continually becoming more varied, as they are localized using input from users.

  • Jankowska, Anna
    et al.
    Di Giovanni, Elena
    Kruger, Jan-Louis
    Pedersen, Jan
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism, Institute for Interpreting and Translation Studies.
    Reviers, Nina
    Romero-Fresco, Pablo
    What is this thing called Journal of Adiovisual Translation?2018In: Journal of Audiovisual Translation, ISSN 2617-9148, Vol. 1, no 1, p. 1-7Article in journal (Other academic)
    Abstract [en]

    We are proud to present the first issue of the Journal of Audiovisual Translation. Launching this new journal would not have been possible without the hard work of the Editorial Board members, much appreciated contributions from the Authors and support from ESIST and Scientific Board members. Audiovisual translation has come of age as a discipline in its own right and we strongly believe that it deserves a journal that is dedicated to this very specific field. Journal of Audiovisual Translation wishes to serve as an international forum and reference point for high-quality, innovative and in-depth research in all avenues of audiovisual translation studies.

  • Spath, Antonia
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Sociology.
    Stability of fertility preferences and intentions: A new angle on studying fertility behavior in Germany2018Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (Two Years)), 20 credits / 30 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [en]

    Prevailing low fertility rates in several European states, such as Germany, have been studied widely in recent years. Findings include discrepancies between fertility preference and actual family size as well as between fertility intentions and fertility behavior; an ‘unmet need’ for children found on the individual and the societal level. Fertility preference is specified as the individual ideal number of children, and fertility intentions as the long- or short-term plans to have a child. Apart from investigating the rates of realization, these measures have been understudied.

    The objective of this study is to illuminate a new angle of low fertility rates in Germany by reviewing fertility measures previously considered to be stable predictors of fertility behavior. The aim is to investigate the stability of fertility preferences and of positive short-term fertility intentions of Germans in their reproductive age. According to the Theory of Planned Behavior and the life-course perspective, attitudes and experiences can influence fertility preferences and short-term fertility intentions. In this study, the suspected connection between unstable preferences and intentions and certain attitudes towards and experiences with the career, working life, and childcare situation is examined. These processes are expected to differ between men and women, and between childless individuals, parents with one child and parents with more than one child.

    Using data from seven survey waves of the German family panel pairfam, fixed-effects and random-effects regression models are run separately for women and men and for those of different parities.

    The results suggest that those with high career importance and those who expect or perceive a negative effect of children on the career are more likely to have unstable positive intentions. Although fertility preferences are shown to be somewhat unstable, no relevant relationships can be found. The differences between the findings on men and women regarding relevant determinants and direction of the relationships are unexpectedly small. Childless individuals are as likely to hold unstable preferences and intentions as parents.

  • Public defence: 2018-12-10 13:00 Magnélisalen, Kemiska övningslaboratoriet, Stockholm
    Shen, Yang
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Science, Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry (MMK).
    Development of metal hydride surface structures for high power NiMH batteries: Also extended cycle-life and lead to more effective recycling methods2018Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary (Other academic)
    Abstract [en]

    By combining alkaline etching of hydrogen storage alloys or their hydrides with a controlled oxidation, it was possible to improve reaction kinetics and accelerate activation of MH-electrodes. Both AB5 and AB2 alloys were studied where A is mixtures of rare earth elements for AB5 alloys and titanium and/or vanadium, zirconium for AB2 alloys; nickel contributes the major part of B. With SEM and TEM studies the surface could be described as consisting of several phases where an interphase with active Ni-containing cluster protected the inner metallic hydrogen storage part of the powder particles. These catalytic Ni-clusters presumably lead to the fast activation and high discharge capacity of alloy.

    This interphase was observed to be stable enough to allow us to develop a method, where we could add pure oxygen to a NiMH battery pack in order to regenerate the amount of electrolyte that was lost during long time cycling of the battery. Meanwhile, the method will rebalance the electrodes mitigating excessive pressures during over charge. Therefore, the internal resistance of cells can be reduced and cycle life will increase.

    It was also shown that the stable interphase could survive a mild ball milling or sonication which enabled us to upcycle material from spent NiMH batteries into a better working MH-electrodes with improved kinetics and activation properties. Reuse of ball-milled or sonicated material could serve as a simple recycling alternative to energy-demanding metallurgical smelting methods and chemical consuming hydrometallurgical recycling processes, where the possibilities of up-scaling further favour the less complex mechanical treatments. The stable but catalytic interphase protecting the inner particles indicates that the MH-electrode material may perform better in its second life in a new NiMH battery.

  • Sandgren, Claes
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Law, Department of Law.
    Tre teser om korruptionen i Sverige2018In: Ekonomisk Debatt, ISSN 0345-2646, Vol. 46, no 1, p. 21-32Article in journal (Other academic)
    Abstract [sv]

    I denna uppsats granskas tre närliggande teser om korruption, nämligen att korruptionen i Sverige underskattas, därför att ett snävt juridiskt korruptionsbegrepp används; att en precis definition av begreppet korruption är en förutsättning för en framgångsrik bekämpning av korruptionen; samt att frånvaron i svensk rätt av ett brott rubricerat korruption döljer förekomsten av korruption. Tesen för denna uppsats är att ingen av teserna håller streck.

  • Englund Dimitrova, Birgitta
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Swedish Language and Multilingualism, Institute for Interpreting and Translation Studies.
    Changing Footings on 'Jacob's Ladder': dealing with sensitive issues in dual-role mediation on a Swedish TV-show2018In: Perspectives: studies in translatology, ISSN 0907-676X, E-ISSN 1747-6623Article in journal (Refereed)
    Abstract [en]

    This case study examines a Swedish TV interview with a Soviet pop singer in 1985 where the talk show host, who is both a trained interpreter and an experienced media journalist, acts as a dual-role mediator, interviewing and interpreting at the same time. The analysis is contextualized within the political and military relations between Sweden and the USSR in the 1980s. Theoretically, the study draws on ethics of interpreting, ethics of entertainment and the notions participation status or footing. A potential challenge for a dual-role mediator is that two different ethical stances are involved; here, ethics of entertainment (entertainment, comfort, culture value orientation) and ethics of interpreting (impartiality, neutrality, accuracy). These may clash, but the study claims that the different stances can also be used to the participants’ advantage. Here, the role of talk show host dominates over the role of interpreter, and interpreting ethics can be flouted and played with if it suits the purposes of the former. The study shows the complexity of dual-role mediation and emphasizes the need to take into account the perspectives of both of the involved roles in research on participants’ interaction and changes of footing.

  • Gañez Zapater, Antoni
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Science, Department of Molecular Biosciences, The Wenner-Gren Institute.
    Gene regulation by chromatin remodelling complexes: SWI/SNF complex in mRNA processing and B-WICH complex in ribosomal gene expression2018Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary (Other academic)
    Abstract [en]

    The aim of this project is to investigate the roles of chromatin remodelling complexes in gene regulation. It is focused on two groups of chromatin complexes: the mammalian BRG1 and BRM SWI/SNF complexes and the ISWI-containing B-WICH complex.

    Study 1 investigates the role of SWI/SNF complexes in alternative splicing. We show that the presence of the ATPase core subunits Brg1 and Brm influence the alternative splicing outcome of a subset of genes. We show that Brg1 and Brm interact with several splicing related factors in the nascent RNA, and that the recruitment of some of these factors to their target sites is regulated by the presence of Brg1 and Brm. We propose that SWI/SNF ATPases can modulate the interactions of RNA binding factors to the nascent RNA and in that way alter alternative splicing outcome.

    Study 2 focuses on SWI/SNF complexes and their influence on cleavage and polyadenylation of mRNA. We show that Brg1 and Brm interact with subunits of the cleavage and polyadenylation complexes in the nascent mRNA. SWI/SNF complexes facilitate the recruitment of the cleavage and polyadenylation complex to the polyadenylation site in a subset of genes, and this results in a more efficient cleavage and polyadenylation.

    Study 3 shows that B-WICH is required for ribosome gene transcriptional activation upon glucose stimulation. WSTF and SNF2h, two of the B-WICH subunits, are needed to establish an active chromatin state in the RNA pol I gene promoter when the glucose concentration is raised after a period of deprivation. We propose that it counteracts the silent, poised chromatin state imposed by the silencing chromatin remodelling complex NuRD to allow for the RNA pol I machinery to bind to the promoter.

    These studies show that the influence of chromatin remodelling complexes upon gene expression is important for remodelling nucleosomes at the promoter, for alternative splicing, cleavage and polyadenylation and transcriptional initiation. These complexes work together with other chromatin remodelling factors, interact with other complexes and regulate their activity by affecting their recruitment dynamics.

  • Grunditz, Sofia
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Child and Youth Studies.
    Vilan i förskolan 1910-2013: Visuella material och visuell metodologi2018Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary (Other academic)
    Abstract [en]

    The aim of this thesis is to explore preschool naptime during the period 1910–2013 through visual materials, films and photographs produced by different actors for various purposes at various historical times, and to develop a visual methodology that works with complex visual materials. Even though naptime is central to everyday life in preschool, it is an activity that is rarely a focus of Early Childhood Education research.  

    The empirical data derives from two separate but interrelated studies, the first a video ethnographic field study and the second an archival ethnographic study. Both studies include films and photographs that visualise the material environments and social interactions that take place during preschool naptime.

    A theoretical framework based on ethnomethodology, visual studies, childhood studies and the history of childhood studies is used. The concept the look of is a theoretical and analytical focus as the photographic image contains visual information about what things and actions look like. The look of children’s and adults’ participation in naptime, the material objects and the preschool environment are the focus when scrutinising the visual data of the study to gain knowledge about how embodied actions, along with the material and spatial design of the preschool environment, form practices at naptime. The thesis takes a post-positivist stance towards the photographic image.

    A transdisciplinary methodology, the visual remake, is developed for visual analysis and is used as a tool for comparisons, visualisation of results and reflection. A visual remake maintains the visual aspects of the data in order to keep them visible throughout the research process. It is a tool that visualises observable findings and conceptualises a reflection process through images, and not exclusively via the written word.

    The study provides knowledge about everyday life in preschool. The results show how the material and spatial organisation of the room and the participants’ embodied actions in this environment constitute naptime in both historical and contemporary preschools. There are recurrent patterns in the social interaction, as well as similarities in the design of the environment that are stable over time. These are the ways in which the participants use their bodies and interact through embodied interactions. The comparative visual analyses, focusing on continuity and change, suggest that some of these practices can be theorised as path-dependent. The present-day study shows that children constitute a peer culture within naptime, often through secondary adjustments to institutional and adult-structured order. Although the ideal naptime is visualised in the historical materials, it is possible to trace the same sort of naptime peer culture. There are features in the design of the beds used during preschool naptime that are typical of the preschool institution, and this design and the overall organisation of naptime have a path-dependence to ideals in the half-day preschools.

    Methodologically, the thesis expands our knowledge of how different visual materials can serve as sources in ECE research and how a research design focusing on the comparison of present-day and historical data opens up space for new research questions.

  • Lidén, Johanna
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Humanities, Department of Ethnology, History of Religions and Gender Studies.
    The Taizhou Movement: Being Mindful in Sixteenth Century China2018Doctoral thesis, monograph (Other academic)
    Abstract [en]

    The aim of this thesis is to define and analyze the religious ideas, praxis and organizations of the Taizhou movement using the earliest sources from the Ming dynasty. The Taizhou movement originated with a salt merchant named Wang Gen (1483–1541), who became a disciple of the well-known Neo-Confucian philosopher Wang Yangming (1472–1529). Wang Gen’s thoughts were similar to his, but Wang Gen’s ideas about protecting and respecting the self were new. These ideas and the pursuit of making one’s mind calm inspired his followers who, like Wang Gen, tried to put them into practice. The thesis contextualizes Wang Gen and some of his followers who where active in the sixteenth century such as Yan Jun, Luo Rufang and He Xinyin. It contains texts which have not been translated into English before.

    Contrary to previous research, the thesis proposes that the Taizhou practitioners did not form a “school” in the strict sense of the word but became a “movement”. The reason was that their ideas corresponded to the anxieties and concerns of people from all levels of society and that they engaged in social and religious activities on the local level. Their ideas and praxis are heterogeneous, a result of the free discussions that were held in private academies. The religious praxis of the Taizhou movement included singing, reciting, individual and communal meditation, discussions and ethical commitments. Another claim of the thesis is that the Taizhou practitioners did not regard meditation in isolation as contradictory to social activism but as two complementary pursuits. Furthermore, the thesis argues that Huang Zongxi’s criticism of Wang Gen for adding Chan Buddhism to the philosophy of Wang Yangming was reasonable, contrary to what some researchers claim, but that the problem with his criticism is that it pertains to Wang Yangming himself as well.

    The demarcation lines between Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism as well as those between “schools” within each tradition were porous, which is exemplified by the Taizhou practitioners. Sometimes they manifest Buddhist and Daoist influences, but their framework is Confucian. In general, they were not concerned with which tradition they belonged to but with transforming the individual and society. The Taizhou practitioners did not worship any Buddhist or Daoist deities, but they were engaged in reaching a specific state of mind and rendering the secular world sacred. Awakened understanding should be experienced personally. The Taizhou practitioners can be regarded as ‘religious’ using definitions of religion which affirm such experiential aspects, but their movement cannot be defined as a religion if the definition requires an institution. Officials and literati scholars criticized the Taizhou practitioners and some of them were persecuted. Luo Rufang experienced administrative persecution; Yan Jun was imprisoned for a period; He Xinyin was killed in prison in 1579, the same year as the Grand Secretary Zhang Juzheng prohibited free discussions in the private academies. The thesis claims that it was their ideas and actions perceived as dangerous to men of power which resulted in their persecution. The fact of belonging to a certain social segment had less importance.

  • Kilander, Mikaela
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Child and Youth Studies.
    Ledarskap i förskolan: Pedagogens ledarroll i förhållande till barngruppen2016Independent thesis Basic level (professional degree), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
    Abstract [sv]

    Syftet med detta arbete har varit att undersöka hur pedagoger i förskolan ser på ledarskap i förhållande till barngruppen. Hur de definierar ledarskap i förskolan och hur de upplever och hanterar sin ledarroll. Detta har skett genom en intervjustudie och i förhållande till fenomenologisk teori. Ett av de mest centrala resultaten som framkom utgjordes av vikten av att barnen känner sig trygga i förskolan. Det framkom att det är viktigt att pedagogen är lyhörd och utvecklar en trygg och tillitsfull relation till barnen samt finns där för att hjälpa dem. Även betydelsen av att pedagogerna känner trygghet i sin ledarroll togs upp, vilken visat sig utvecklas med åren och påverkas av samarbetet i arbetslaget. Denna trygghet visade sig vara en förutsättning för att barnen ska känna sig trygga. Två andra viktiga aspekter av ledarskapet var dels att ge barnen inflytande och dels att de samtidigt behöver gränser och struktur. Min slutsats är att trygghet inom arbetslaget, hos de enskilda pedagogerna och genom detta även hos barnen, är det centrala för att ledarskapet och verksamheten ska fungera på ett bra sätt.

  • Engsner, Hampus
    et al.
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics.
    Lindskog, Filip
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Science, Department of Mathematics.
    Continuous-time limits of multi-period cost-of-capital valuation2018Report (Other academic)
    Abstract [en]

    We consider multi-period cost-of-capital valuation of a liability cashflow subject to repeated capital requirements that are partly financed by capital injections from capital providers with limited liability. Limited liability means that, in any given period, the capital provider is not liable for further payment in the event that the capital provided at the beginning of the period turns out to be insufficient to cover both the current-period payments and the updated value of the remaining cash flow. The liability cash flow is modeled as a continuous-time stochastic process on [0, T]. The multi-period structure is given by apartition of [0, T] into subintervals, and on the corresponding finite set of times a discrete-time value process is defined. Our main objectiveis the analysis of existence and properties of continuous-time limits of discrete-time value processes corresponding to a sequence of partitions whose meshes tend to zero. Moreover, we provide explicit and interpretable valuation formulas for a wide class of cash flow models.

  • Ericsson, Claudia
    et al.
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Special Education.
    Rizk, Danielle
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Special Education.
    Ju mer kärlek i klassrummet, desto mer kunskap.: Andraspråkselever berättar om sina erfarenheter av lärmiljön på gymnasieskolan2018Independent thesis Advanced level (professional degree), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
  • Björk, Cajsa
    et al.
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Special Education.
    Olsson, Åsa
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Special Education.
    "Ja men, jag hör ju bra - det är bara några ord som försvinner": Elevers upplevelser av hörseltekniska hjälpmedel och dess användning i hörselklasser2018Independent thesis Advanced level (professional degree), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
  • Björnfot Sundström, Elisabet
    et al.
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Special Education.
    Nygren, Marie-Louise
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Social Sciences, Department of Special Education.
    Lärares möte med verbalt särskilt begåvade elever2018Independent thesis Advanced level (professional degree), 10 credits / 15 HE creditsStudent thesis
  • Shatskiy, Andrey
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Science, Department of Organic Chemistry.
    Ru-Based Water Oxidation Catalysts: Development and Mechanistic Studies2018Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary (Other academic)
    Abstract [en]

    Oxidation of water constitutes one of the most challenging processes in artificial photosynthesis, which aims at storing solar energy in the form of chemical bonds of high-energy fuels. To facilitate this process, efficient and durable water oxidation catalysts have to be developed and integrated into the complete photosynthetic cells. Importantly, the intricate complexity of such devices requires the catalyst not only to be highly efficient and robust, but also operate through a well-defined mechanism.

    This thesis describes the development and mechanistic studies of new water oxidation catalysts based on ruthenium. The first part of the thesis describes the synthesis of a dinuclear ruthenium-based catalyst active for both chemical and light-driven water oxidation. This catalyst displayed a pronounced influence of the acetonitrile co-solvent on the redox properties, which was studied in detail by electrochemical methods. In the second part, a new benzimidazole-based mononuclear catalyst was evaluated. The activity of the catalyst was studied for chemical and light-driven water oxidation, and insight into the operating mechanism was provided with the help of density functional theory calculations. In the third part of the thesis, a new mononuclear ruthenium-based catalyst was prepared and evaluated for electrochemically-driven water oxidation. This catalyst displayed activity similar to that of the current state-of-the-art water oxidation catalyst, while eliminating its main drawback, that is incomplete activation. The redox properties of the new catalyst were studied in detail by electrochemical and spectroscopic techniques, providing insight into the origins of its improved performance. Finally, in the fourth part of the thesis, a heterogeneous nanoparticulate catalyst immobilized on a solid support is described. The catalyst displayed high activity and stability during chemical and light-driven water oxidation, which was attributed to the small average particle size and efficient anchoring of the catalyst to the heterogeneous support via an oxidatively-stable linker.

  • Zurita, Javier
    Stockholm University, Faculty of Science, Department of Environmental Science and Analytical Chemistry.
    Amino acids with relevance to health, climate and the environment: Development of mass spectrometric methods2018Doctoral thesis, comprehensive summary (Other academic)
    Abstract [en]

    Amino acids play vital roles in health, either in their native form or chemically modified. Some studies have linked certain non-proteinogenic amino acids to neurodegenerative diseases, such as in the case of β-methylaminoalanine (BMAA). Various environmental pollutants, including carcinogenic polycyclic aromatic compounds, are able to react forming adducts with blood proteins. Amino acids may also be essential in chemical ecology as constituents of flower nectar, potentially used by common feeders as butterflies to synthesize pheromones. Additionally, proteinaceous materials have been detected in aerosols with an apparent potential to influence climate, possibly having a role in cloud formation.

    The determination of amino acids presents many challenges, due to the fact that they are most often constituents of complex sample matrices that contain a high level of chemical interferences. In this respect, mass spectrometry (MS) is a selective and sensitive analytical tool that can be used to measure amino acids in biological samples.

    In this work, several analytical methods based on MS were developed. (i) First, derivatization with a permanently charged N-hydroxysuccinimide ester of N-butylnicotinic acid (C4-NA-NHS) was used to increase the sensitivity and selectivity for amino acids. This strategy was applied to localize BMAA in both visceral and non-visceral parts of blue mussels. (ii) Moreover, a method was developed to separate and determine L- and D- BMAA in cycad seeds by derivatization with a chiral reagent, (+)-1-(9-fluorenyl) ethyl chloroformate (FLEC). Together with L-BMAA, appreciable amounts of D-BMAA (50.13 ± 0.05 and 4.08 ± 0.04 µg BMAA/g Cycas micronesica, wet weight, respectively) were detected for the first time after enzymatic digestion, suggesting D-BMAA may be bound to proteins or may be a conjugate and released only after hydrolysis. (iii) Derivatization with C4-NA-NHS was applied as well for the determination of amino acids in nectar of Bunias orientalis. The presence of tryptophan and phenylalanine, purportedly used to synthesize anti-aphrodisiac pheromones by nectar feeders (adult male butterflies), could then be observed. (iv) Furthermore, the profiling of amino acids in Arctic aerosols was carried out and was used to measure the contribution of free and polyamino acids in aerosol formation. Levels detected were in the range of 0.02-2914 pmol/m3 sampled air. For the first time the measurement of polyamino acids in the Arctic atmosphere was reported. Additionally, possible anthropogenic and marine sources were suggested. The results support the hypothesis that proteinaceous materials act as cloud condensation nuclei over the Arctic. (v) Finally, a method was developed employing selective chromatography/high-resolution MS to identify histidine and lysine adducts in serum albumin of mice exposed to the carcinogen benzo(a)pyrene, as well as in human samples in vivo. Adduct isomers from diol epoxide metabolites could be detected in serum albumin from human samples at attomole/mg levels. This work shows the possibility of future exposure measurements from these compounds in different groups of the population.

    This thesis presents the development of improved analytical methodologies for detecting and identifying trace levels of amino acids, to investigate their relevance in health, climate and the environment.