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You can add new groups to both the including and the excluding part by using the buttons "OR" or "NOT" respectively, and you can add more search options to all groups through the drop down menu on the last row (in each group).

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This system with the two main parts and their groups makes it possible to combine two (or more) distinct searches into one search result, while being flexible in removing results from the final list.
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      • ACES rapport / Institutionen för miljövetenskap och analytisk kemi
      • Anthropology & Society
      • A preprint from Stockholm University, the Department of Philosophy
      • Arbetsliv i omvandling (Closed down 2008-09-02)
      • Arkiv avhandlingsserie
      • Asian cultures and modernity
      • August Strindbergs samlade verk: nationalupplaga
      • Avhandling i geografi med naturgeografisk inriktning
      • Avhandling i kvartärgeologi
      • Avhandlingsserie / Kriminologiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet
      • Avhandlingsserie / Naturgeografiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet (Closed down 2008-09-02)
      • Barockakademiens skriftserie
      • Basic readings in culture and aesthetics
      • Bidrag till Kungl. vetenskapsakademiens historia
      • Centre for Social Research on Alcohol and Drugs
      • Centrum för barnkulturforskning
      • Centrum för genusstudiers skriftserie
      • Chinese Culture Series
      • Coast to Coast-Book
      • Corpus Troporum
      • CRISMART
      • Cynegetica Anglica
      • Dans - forskning och utveckling
      • Didactica Slavica
      • Didactica Slavo-Baltica
      • Dissertations at the Centre for Social Research on Alcohol and Drugs (SoRAD) (Closed down 2018-02-27)
      • Dissertation series / Stockholm University Demography Unit
      • Dissertations from the Department of Physical Geography (Closed down 2019-03-15)
      • Dissertations in Bilingualism
      • Dissertations in Economics
      • Dissertations in Physical Geography
      • Dissertations in Translation and Interpreting Studies
      • Doctoral thesis from the department of mathematics and science education
      • Doktorsavhandlingar från Institutionen för didaktik och pedagogiskt arbete, Stockholms universitet (Closed down 2011-02-07)
      • Doktorsavhandlingar från Institutionen för pedagogik och didaktik
      • Doktorsavhandlingar från JMK
      • Doktorsavhandlingar från Pedagogiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet (Closed down 2011-02-07)
      • Doktorsavhandlingar i språkdidaktik - Dissertations in Language Education
      • Eidos: Skrifter från konstvetenskapliga institutionen vid Stockholms universitet
      • Études de philologie slave
      • Forskning om teckenspråk (Online)
      • Forskningsrapport (Centrum för socialvetenskaplig alkohol- och drogforskning)
      • Forskningsrapporter / Stockholms universitet, Institutionen för franska och italienska: cahiers de la recherche
      • GEM rapport
      • Health Equity Studies (Closed down 2022-10-18)
      • Institutionen för internationell pedagogik, Stockholms universitet
      • Jernkontorets bergshistoriska skriftserie
      • Kulturgeografiskt seminarium: rapporter, meddelanden, uppsatser från Kulturgeografiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet
      • Kungl. Vitterhets-, historie- och antikvitetsakademiens handlingar. Antikvariska serien (Closed down 2008-09-02)
      • Kust till kust-böcker
      • Malmö Studies in Sport Sciences (Closed down 2008-09-02)
      • Master's degree studies from the Institute of International Education / Stockholm University
      • Matematikdidaktiska texter
      • Meddelanden från Avdelningen för slaviska språk
      • Meddelanden från Kulturgeografiska institutionen vid Stockholms universitet
      • Meddelanden från Slaviska institutionen (Closed down 2018-09-23)
      • Meddelanden från Stockholms universitets institution för geologi och geokemi (Closed down 2010-03-01)
      • Meddelanden från Stockholms universitets institution för geologiska vetenskaper
      • MINS: Meddelanden från Institutionen för nordiska språk vid Stockholms universitet
      • Monografier utgivna av Stockholms stad
      • Monographs/Institute of Latin American Studies
      • Monograph series / Institute for International Economic Studies, University of Stockholm
      • Musikvetenskapliga publikationer
      • Nordiska museets handlingar (Closed down 2008-09-02)
      • Phonetic Experimental Research at the Institute of Linguistics, University of Stockholm (PERILUS)
      • Plants & Ecology
      • PRIM-gruppen
      • Quaternaria. Ser. A
      • Rapport / Kriminologiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet
      • Rapporter / Stockholms universitet, Psykologiska institutionen
      • Rapporter från Arkeologiska forskningslaboratoriet
      • Rapporter från Östersjöcentrum
      • Rapporter i matematikämnets och naturvetenskapsämnenas didaktik
      • Rapporter om undervisning och lärande i högre utbildning
      • Rapport från PRIM-gruppen
      • Rapport i socialt arbete
      • Report Series / Department of Computer & Systems Sciences
      • Research Report / Department of Statistics, Stockholm University
      • Research report / Mathematical Statistics
      • Research report / Stockholm Environment Institute
      • Research reports / School of Business, Stockholms universitet
      • Research Reports in Mathematics
      • Research Reports in Public Health Sciences
      • Romanica Stockholmiensia
      • Schriften des Germanistischen Instituts Universität Stockholm
      • SCORE rapportserie
      • Seminar Paper / Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm University
      • Seminar Paper / Institute for International Economic Studies, Stockholm University. (Online)
      • SICS dissertation series
      • Skrifter från Centrum för musikpedagogisk forskning
      • Skrifter från forskningsprojektet Flexibilitet som tradition, Ängersjöprojektet (Closed down 2008-09-02)
      • Skrifter utgivna av Religionshistoriska avdelningen vid Stockholms universitet
      • Skrifter utgivna av Svenska barnboksinstitutet
      • Skrifter utgivna av Svenska litteratursällskapet
      • Södertörn archaeological studies (Closed down 2008-09-02)
      • Södertörn doctoral dissertations
      • Södertörn political studies
      • Södertörn studies in history
      • Stockholm Archaelogical Reports
      • Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law
      • Stockholm cinema studies
      • Stockholm contributions in geology
      • Stockholm East Asian monographs
      • Stockholm economic studies
      • Stockholm economic studies. Pamphlet series
      • Stockholm English Studies
      • Stockholmer germanistische Forschungen
      • Stockholm Fashion Studies
      • Stockholm German and Dutch Studies
      • Stockholm marine archaeology reports
      • Stockholm Oriental Studies
      • Stockholm Research Reports in Demography
      • Stockholm Slavic Papers
      • Stockholm Slavic studies
      • Stockholm Studies in Archaeology
      • Stockholm studies in Baltic languages
      • Stockholm studies in classical archaeology
      • Stockholm studies in comparative religion
      • Stockholm Studies in Culture and Aesthetics
      • Stockholm studies in economic history
      • Stockholm studies in educational psychology
      • Stockholm studies in English
      • Stockholm studies in ethnology
      • Stockholm studies in film history
      • Stockholm studies in Finnish language and literature
      • Stockholm studies in history
      • Stockholm studies in history of art
      • Stockholm studies in history of literature
      • Stockholm studies in human geography
      • Stockholm Studies in International Relations
      • Stockholm studies in linguistics
      • Stockholm studies in modern philology
      • Stockholm studies in musicology
      • Stockholm studies in philosophy
      • Stockholm studies in politics
      • Stockholm studies in psychology
      • Stockholm Studies in Public Health Sciences
      • Stockholm Studies in Romance Languages
      • Stockholm studies in Russian literature
      • Stockholm studies in Scandinavian philology
      • Stockholm studies in social anthropology
      • Stockholm studies in social policy and welfare
      • Stockholm studies in social work
      • Stockholm studies in sociology
      • Stockholm studies in statistics
      • Stockholm studies in theatrical history
      • Stockholm studies in the history of ideas
      • Stockholm studies on social mechanisms
      • Stockholms universitetsbiblioteks rapportserie
      • Stockholm theatre studies
      • Stress Research Reports
      • Studia Baltica Stockholmiensia
      • Studia Fennica Stockholmiensia
      • Studia Graeca Stockholmiensia
      • Studia Graeca Stockholmiensia. Series Neohellenica
      • Studia Hungarica Stockholmiensia
      • Studia juridica Stockholmiensia
      • Studia Latina Stockholmiensia
      • Studier i musikvetenskap
      • Studier i språkdidaktik – Studies in Language Education
      • Studier i stads- och kommunhistoria
      • Studies in classical archaeology (Closed down 2013-04-26)
      • Studies in comparative and international education
      • Studies in Curating Art
      • Studies in educational sciences
      • Studies in North-European archaeology
      • Studies in North-European archeology. Series B
      • SULCIS reports and working papers
      • Sverige under kalla kriget (Closed down 2008-09-02)
      • Swedish Institute for Social Research
      • Thales avhandlingsserie
      • Theatron
      • Theses and papers in archaeology. B
      • Theses and papers in archeology. New series, A
      • Theses and papers in North-European archaeology
      • Theses and papers in osteoarchaeology
      • Theses and papers in osteology
      • Theses and papers in scientific archaeology
      • Trita-CSC-A
      • Working papers (Department of Political Science, Stockholm University)
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      Educational program
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      • Hälso- och sjukvårdskuratorsprogrammet 60 hp
      • Språkkonsultprogrammet 180 hp
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      Thesis level
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      • Independent thesis Basic level (university diploma)
      • Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor)
      • Independent thesis Basic level (professional degree)
      • Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (One Year))
      • Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master (Two Years))
      • Independent thesis Advanced level (professional degree)
      • Student paper first term
      • Student paper second term
      • Student paper other
      • Independent thesis Basic level (Higher Education Diploma (Fine Arts))
      • Independent thesis Basic level (degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts)
      • Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master of Fine Arts (One Year))
      • Independent thesis Advanced level (degree of Master of Fine Arts (Two Years))
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      • Artistic works only
      • Exclude artistic work
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      • External cooperation only
      • Exclude external cooperation
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